Monday, July 10, 2017

Blood 'N' Bubbles Bucket List.

Photo: Pacific Park® LA Amusement Park 

Things that Blood 'N' Bubbles fans should do before they die!

If I ever put together a bucket list, the Santa Monica Pier, in LA, California, would be on that wishlist. 

Why? Earlier this year the Pier added a new ride. 
Shark Frenzy takes a spin on a classic amusement park ride. Shark Frenzy features 7 species of Shark. Choose the Shark you want to ride in and whirl around on the famous pier built into the Pacific Ocean. 
Shark Frenzy was inspired by the classic tilt-a-whirl rides that have been a mainstay of amusement parks for 100 years.

You can see a YouTube video of a ride on the Shark Frenzy at:

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