Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blood and Bubbles Contest - the rest of the questions

Blood 'N' Bubbles Quiz, Question Number Four

The Spy Who Loved Me.

In action movies diving and sharks are often used to create drama, suspense and, if the shark bites, horror. It is not surprising that many of the James Bond films include pivotal scenes that include scuba diving and man-eating sharks. In the 1977 movie, The Spy Who Loved Me (the 10th in the 007 series) crime mastermind Karl Stromberg keeps a woman-eating Tiger Shark in Atlantis, his underwater base. When Stromberg isn’t stealing submarines and their nuclear warheads, he is feeding both friends and foes to the hungry shark. In one important scene the Tiger takes on a human and loses. How?
1. Roger Moore (James Bond) fires a mini-harpoon from his ballpoint pen and kills the Tiger
2. Curd J├╝rgens’ (Karl Stromberg) giant henchman Jaws (Richard Kiel) bites the Tiger on its neck with his stainless steel teeth.
3. David Hedison (US CIA agent Felix Leiter) is fed to the shark feet first. When the Tiger bites into his leg it fires off Leiter’s ankle gun into the roof of his mouth.
4. Roger Moore (James Bond) throws an electric fan into the shark pool electrocuting the shark.
5. Barbara Bach (Russian spy Anya Amasova) wrestles the controls for a high powered laser gun away from Stromberg and turns it on the shark just before it dines on Bond sushi.

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