Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blood and Bubbles Contest

BLOOD 'N' BUBBLES - The Diver Magazine Website Contest

This was posted last month, but, I have changed the date so that it appears in line with the rest of the questions that I posted earlier today.

The following is the first question of a four-question contest that I have written for Diver Magazine's relaunched website. Check it out at www.divermag.com/online/. There are prizes if you know your movie trivia.

The Quiz

There is a cliché in the newspaper business that says when a dog bites man it isn’t news, but, when man bites dog, Stop the Presses and rewrite the front page! The same holds true in Blood ‘N” Bubble movies.

When a shark bites a character in a Blood ‘N’ Bubble it isn’t noteworthy, but, when a man kills a shark on film, well, cinematic news is made.

There are a few blockbuster Blood ‘N’ Bubble movies - Jaws, First Strike, The Spy Who Loved Me and Deep Blue Sea - where the shark protagonist is actually dispatched by the hero. Can you remember exactly how the shark gets it in these four famous films? Check the Diver Mag website to answer the remaining three contests.

Question One


The movie Jaws was released in 1975 and starred Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss. Scheider plays Martin Brody, a water-fearing, ex New York City cop who is now the chief of police on Amity Island. When a Great White starts feeding on tourists and townspeople alike, Scheider, Shaw and Dreyfuss set out to kill Jaws. Do you know how the shark was killed?

1. Local shark hunter (Robert Shaw as Quint) pulls the pin on a grenade just as Jaws swallows him
2. Brody lures Jaws into biting on high voltage power line dangling just above the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.
3. Marine scientist Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfus) harpoons Jaw with a poison dart
4. Martin Brody shots a scuba tank lodged in Jaw’s jaws. It explodes blowing Jaws head apart.
5. The shark gets away – sequel warning!

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