Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blood and Bubbles Contest - the rest of the questions

Question Number Three

Jackie Chan’s First Strike

By 1996 Jackie Chan movies had become big bloated blockbusters that required filming all over the world. In First Strike, Jackie Chan plays Jackie, a Hong Kong policeman who travels the world trying to locate a missing nuclear bomb. His travels take him from fighting/skiing down Russian mountains to fighting/swimming in an Australian shark tank (in reality the Underwater World, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia). While inside the aquarium tank Jackie must, while holding his breath, fight off spear toting bad guy divers and hungry sharks. How are the sharks dispatched?

1. Jackie kung-fu’s a harpoon away from a bad guy and shoots an aggressive shark
2. The bad guys shoot spears at Jacky, who ducks and they hit the sharks
3. The bad guys shoot out an aquarium window and the sharks are left to die high and dry
4. Jackie lures the shark into a high voltage cable
5. The sharks aren’t killed – Sequel warning.

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