Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blood and Bubbles Contest - the rest of the questions

Blood 'N' Bubbles - The Final Question. Win a Prize

www.DiverMagazine.ca is randomly giving away 5 free subscriptions to readers who can correctly answer the following Blood ‘N’ Bubble shark quiz.

This movie didn’t make it onto many movie screens before it faded in obscurity. Blood ‘N’ Bubble aficionados will have to do a bit of B Movie Diving in the local sales bin to now see this black comedy. Some of this 1992 movie was shot underwater in the US Virgin Islands. One of the most memorable scenes has three spies in scuba gear chasing a zombie who is walking on the bottom of the ocean wearing a trench coat and a Sony Walkman. The zombie actually gets out of the water and into the air by parasailing … with a 6 ft shark biting his feet. The shark falls back into the ocean, probably not to his death but rather into the Green Room to wait for the sequel that never came. Name the movie starring Andrew McCarthy, Terry Kiser and an unnamed high flying shark.

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